Welcome to Whiskey Thief

Welcome to the first ever post from Whiskey Thief! Boom!! Litres of Bourbon has been sampled, dozens of experiments have been run and mother nature has done her absolute best to help mature the finest of whiskies. Now, finally we can invite you to seek out our Whiskey Thief across the UK's finest bars and pubs to enjoy a satisfying drink. Whether it's straight up or mixed up we hope you enjoy our masked marvel!

The Marvellous Medical Benefits of Whiskey

We are going to let you in on a little secret here (lowers voice): Whiskey can be really good for you! Obviously we are talking in moderation here as skulling a bottle or two of Moonshine a week won’t do you much good but you might be surprised to learn that a little whiskey a week can do wonders for your health.

Is it a bird, is it a plane…

We felt compelled to respond to the rumors that Whiskey Thief is in fact a 'Super Whiskey'. Apparently members of the public have been spreading the word because of the distinctive mask adorning every bottle. Well, sorry to dispel the rumour but Whiskey Thief is not a Super Whiskey. However it is most definitely a super-tasting Whiskey!

How interesting can a Bourbon barrel get?

Over the years we've spoken with many of the Bourbon industry's Master Distillers. There has been general consensus amongst them that the most influential part of the Bourbon production process is aging. So we thought we would shine the spotlight on our friend, The Bourbon Barrel and share a few facts about it.

Is it finally time to dust down the BBQ? `

At the risk of tempting fate, the glorious weather today has meant quite a few conversations have turned to BBQ. So, here's a few Whiskey Thief tips to make sure your barbie is smoking...

What sets Bourbon apart?

Since the first American distillers started producing Whiskey in the 1700's it has grown to become a monstrous business with annual sales of over 250 million bottles a year. Why is it so popular and what makes it so unique? Here's a lowdown on some the key attributes ... -

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